February 19, 2009

Homesick For My Family

Posted in Family at 12:04 am by mgrmom

img_13291Last week, I got the sad news that my uncle had passed away.  This obviously prompted a trip back home.  Any trip back home always generates feelings of homesickness.  11 years ago, I chose to move to Southern Ontario, 6 hours away from my family.  This was a great move for my career because there are not a lot of jobs in Northern Ontario.  I don’t regret this move at all because if I had not moved, I would never have met my husband and hence had 2 beautiful daughters.

However, whenever I visit my family, I get sad that I live so far away.  This feeling is even stronger when there is a death in the family.  I keep thinking if only we lived closer then I wouldn’t feel so disconnected from my family.

I deal with this by trying not to miss any family events.  I even drive the 6 hours alone with the 2 girls.  I recently did this for my niece’s birthday when my baby was only a month and half old.  This of course turned my 6 hour journey into about 9 hours, having to stop frequently.  This was worth it knowing that I didn’t miss her birthday.  My brother was appreciative of me making that trip.

This past weekend when we drove north for my Uncle’s funeral, we managed to get there in time for the viewing, stay overnight for the funeral BUT we had to leave early to get back home at a decent hour.  I am afraid that one day when my parents are gone, I will regret not being home more.

What to do…  it seems obvious… Look for a job near my family… However, here are the catches:

  • My parents spend their winters in a warmer climate so they wouldn’t be home for 5 months of the year anyway.
  • My husband’s parents live close to us now.  They wouldn’t be very happy if we moved.
  • Given the state of the economy now, there is a slim chance that my husband and I would find jobs.

How to deal…  My husband and I keep weighing the factors and someday, hopefully, the solution will become clear.  In the meantime, we continue to make the long trek to make sure we get to spend as much time with both of our families.


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