February 22, 2009

And the Scary Parent of the Year Award Goes To…

Posted in Birthday, Family, motherhood at 11:13 am by mgrmom

img_2412Planning my daughter’s birthday party is always a lot of fun.  Picking out her theme, buying decorations to match, ordering the cake.  This year my daughter wanted Tinkerbell.  Sweet!!  All the other kids always do Dora or Princesses, this year we get to be different.   Oh the party was great!! So what’s the problem?

The final part of the party is where the kids get to take home the loot bag.  A package of surprises and souvenirs of the party.  When I was filling the bags, I put a lot of thought into what the contents should be.  I need to purchase something that the kids will think is okay and the parents won’t hate me for buying some kind of junky toy.  The last party, my daughter received a “My little Pony” and a kid’s make-up kit.  My daughter thought it was cool.  I knew I couldn’t top that so I decided to go with sensible.  SO I THOUGHT!!! I filled the loot bags with some cute little stickers, sunglasses, and the sensible part… an age-appropriate book.  Great the parents are going to love me!!

After the party, it was finally time for bed so I said good night to my daughter and my husband took her up to read a story.  She, of course, also received a loot bag, so Dad thought it was a great time to test drive the new book.  Half an hour later, Dad came downstairs with a strange look on his face and the comment… “Dude!! that is not a nice book!!”

Apparently, the story they picked to read in the new book was a story about monsters and a dog getting his legs, tail and head cut off.  My husband wisely substituted the words “patted the dog’s head, leg, tail, etc”.  The story eventually had a happy ending but not without some gory details.  The book was called “Stories for 4 Year olds”,  so HOW was I supposed to know?  AND… I bought them at a toy store.  So I went from sensible parent/party host to creepy mom winning the “Scary Parent of the year award.  The good thing is I only bought 3 of those books and an assortment of other books.  Since my daughter got one of them, that means only 2 sets of parents out there are now afraid of me.  That is assuming of course, that the other assortment of books I distributed out there were a little more friendly.  At least the parents will have the memory of the pinata… oh wait that didn’t go so well either…



  1. Yikes! Loot bags are so stressful. Next time I’m making a big ol’ donation to a children’s charity in lieu of gicing out stuff that just gets thrown out. ALthough my daughter will probably be mad at me for that.

  2. mgrmom said,

    That’s a great idea… You are right, the kids won’t get it. I think the same goes for Happy Meal toys. I have to go through my daughter’s toys every once in a while a dispose of those types of toys because she doesn’t even think twice about them.

  3. Leanne said,

    It was a GREAT idea. I did this when my daughter was little too and got a witchy comment from a Mom who told me that her kid didn’t like books and it was a silly loot bag idea. Ah, hello? Can’t please them all….

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