February 24, 2009

Do I Look Pretty Mommy?

Posted in Family, maternity, motherhood at 11:46 pm by mgrmom

Today my daughter got her yearly haircut. This time we decided to go a lot shorter, from hair half-way down her back, to shoulder length and the introduction of bangs! She looks adorable!! And she couldn’t stop smiling at her new do while the stylist was blow-drying her hair.

All afternoon she kept checking herself out in the mirror, then asking me: “Mommy does my haircut make me look pretty?” I told her that she was pretty before and still is. So this went on all afternoon. I should have known what was to follow…

This evening, she had her weekly Taekwondo class. I had already been thinking about increasing her membership to twice a week instead of weekly. My daughter is very shy and is still adjusting to the sport. My husband calls her a “wallflower”; I call her “girly”. We chose to put her into Taekwondo because we wanted to increase her self-confidence… essentially we want her to stop whining every time another kid bugs her.

Today was probably not the day to get her a new hairdo. I watched her throughout her class this evening, she kept feeling her hair every chance she got, thus distracting herself. Oh well! she might not have been the most focused student in the class this week but she was definitely the cutest with her new haircut. On a good note, she fell 4 times while running in the class and didn’t cry once. This is quite the achievement so I was proud.


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  1. “Does my haircut make me look pretty?” It starts so young, eh? Our hair influencing our self-confidence and self-esteem. My daughters have still not forgiven me for the ‘mushroom’ cut they got almost 20 years ago! *chuckle*

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