February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Girlie Girl!!

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peanut-8_2Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday.  She turned 4 at 2:59 am.  I will never forget the journey to the day she was born.  She was due on February 15th.  My parents came down from Northern Ontario on February 1st to help us out.  They had booked a trip to Portugal over a year ago and their flight was scheduled for the 17th.  Every day we waited and waited but she just wasn’t ready to come.  The longer I waited the more irritable I got.  I just want her out now!  Enough of this pregnancy business.  I went for my weekly doctor’s appointments when finally the doctor said “I think you are going to have a big baby, we should send you for an ultrasound.”

Having an ultrasound at 39 weeks is brutal. Lying on the table just made me nauseous.  I had to get the technician to stop a few times so I could sit up and regain my senses.  And then the wait…  my next appointment was a week later, the day after my parents were flying out.  Figures!  My mom was supposed to be a coach along side of my husband. My dad was supposed to look after the dog.

February 18th…  visit to the doctor…  “surprise surprise you are having a big baby.  We are going to induce you… How does tomorrow sound?”  Sounds great!

February 19th…

  • 7:30 am… admitted to the hospital;
  • 9:00 am… water broke;
  • 11:00 am… contractions induced and now another long wait.  The amusing part was when the doctor said “There is a 50/50 chance that you may need a C-section” THEN WHY ARE YOU GOING TO PUT ME THROUGH THIS??

The birthing room we were in had a TV, so my husband got to watch all the American Chopper he wanted.  The good thing is, I bet he can’t remember what choppers were built that day.  Goes to show he paid some attention to me.  Ha just kidding.  This was after I had the epidural and I was in and out of sleep.  The nurse and my husband had a great chat about me – they thought I was sleeping but I was more resting and listening to all the nice things being said about me 🙂

February 20th midnight… Finally pushing time…. pushing…. pushing… more pushing… is it really supposed to take this long… I don’t know if I can do this… am I strong enough?

Finally 2:59 am, “here comes the baby… CALL THE PEDIATRIC UNIT”  What’s going on?  This is the point where they are supposed to say “Congratulations it’s a boy… girl…” which is it?  Then my husband is supposed to cut the umbilical cord.  Wait the nurse is saying something “CANCEL THAT CALL – WE’RE OKAY NOW”

Then I hear my husband’s voice “Hey we have a daughter! She’s beautiful.”  Oh thank goodness.  I am so happy but what happened?  Apparently, she wasn’t breathing at first and her left arm wasn’t moving.  She started breathing shortly on her own and by morning her arm was fine when examined by a Pediatrician. She was a whopping 9 lbs. 1 oz. and 19 inches long.

I will never forget the day that she was born.  Despite the fact that she and I have a minor disagreements as she gets through her terrible 2’s, I just think back to that day and realize how lucky I am.  Yesterday, I was going through some old photos and videos and saw all the cute moments we captured. One of these moments included her addiction to dancing at the age of 2 especially to Nelly Furtado and Rihanna.

I hope as both my daughters grow into beautiful young women, they remain my best friends just like my mom and I.  Happy Birthday Girlie Girl!!  I love you!!


February 18, 2009

Mat Leave Was Easier the First Time Around

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peanut-21Wow!! I don’t remember my first maternity leave being this much work. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am just finally admitting that everyone who warned me was right. Having 2 children is a lot more work. I am now on my maternity leave with 2 daughters. My eldest is 4 years old and my youngest is 4 months old. I remember my first maternity leave consisting of feeding the baby and changing the baby. I remember my daughter sleeping a lot and during that time, I was able to take her shopping, take her visiting and crocheting A LOT. I had enough time to crochet sweaters, stuffed animals and lots of baby clothes. That was with one child…

Two girls… Now everything takes so much longer. Getting ready to go anywhere takes at least 30 minutes to an hour longer. My oldest daughter required some time to adjust to no longer being #1. Whenever I am feeding the baby, she needs to be near if not on my lap at the same time. Now when the baby is sleeping, time is spent with my eldest teaching her to learn her numbers and letters, playing games or doing crafts. What happened to the crocheting and ME time? Well thanks to my husband, I do get time for me in the evening or on his days off.

Now on the bright side, I love my 2 girls. Being 4 years apart, my eldest is a big help. If I need a clean sleeper or a receiving blanket, she is more than happy to run upstairs and get it for me. She wants to help out with everything. This requires some patience on my part. There are just some things a 4-year old can’t do. With a learning curve on my part, I have learned to negotiate and provide options to my daughter and that lets her believe that she is in charge and feels like she is still helping me. The best part about having the 2 of them at home gives me a second chance to spend time with my eldest whereas before she was 5 days a week in daycare.

When we chose to have 2 children, one of the first things I thought was: “Great!! Now I can do everything better the second time around!” Sometimes this is true but not always. Having one child does not prepare you for everything. Sometimes, I can’t believe how 2 girls can be so different or did I just forget some of the things I learned the first time. For instance, I remember my eldest being a quiet baby and dealing with teething like a champ. Well, my youngest has her one-hour a night, where sometimes nothing makes her happy. Thank goodness that one-hour is at 8pm and not 2am.

Watching all the cute little things that the baby does, makes me sad at how much I have forgotten about when my eldest was a baby. This has prompted me to start blogging and perhaps capture the cute and memorable moments of both of their lives.